Thursday, June 2, 2011

when i'm burning bright

I just found this, we'll call it a thank you note from a student I had a few years ago. Turns out high school students have a different style than 3rd graders...

I'm out. It's been good. Peace out Lorster.

Jeffree finished out the regular school year last friday and we've been enjoying a few days together before he starts his summer job. Here are some highlights from the year:

Jeffree won a national competition with a video he made with his students. They loved it, and now they all want to audition for the community play. Check it out. So adorable.

He had more students request him for this next year than the other 3rd grade teachers. He's just that cool.

He loved the thank you book he received that I mentioned here.

You can tell his students learned a lot by their final journal entry responses to the question, "What kind of doctor would you be and what would you do?" Here are his favorite 3:

-I would be a brain doctor. I would help people get smarter. In other words, I would be a teacher...
-I would be a vetranarian because I would get to stick my hand up cow's butts.
-I would be an eye doctor so I could give people shots in the eye.

Jeffree has loved teaching here in Rexburg and his coworkers are amazing (Brenda, Marianne - come with us please)! We're sad to say goodbye to them, but excited for the opportunities to come.


  1. Haha! That video is great! My favorite part was, "I want more drama." She looked so nervous!