Thursday, June 30, 2011

the road that we're on

It's our final week in "the Burg!"  I'm so ready.  We've loved it here, but it's certainly time to move on.  So how have we spent our final week?

Girl's lunch.  I'm gonna miss these amazing women!

Play date.  Go here to see a picture of e and Wes holding hands.  It's in the first picture and I promise it wasn't staged.  Wes just reached over, grabbed her hand, and started swinging it back and forth.  Here they are acting like nothing happened.  We know better.

Packing, packing, cleaning, and more packing.

Looking at houses online.  Hoping that our favorites will still be there in a week.  And hoping we can afford it!

Going to the Temple.  We won't have one this close in the near future.

Rexburg, we will miss you, but not that much.  :)

We will miss our dear friends.  It's hard to imagine that we'll find such amazing people in CC, but we will try.

Goodbye, Rexburg.  We'll cherish the memories we've made here.  You've been good to us.

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