Monday, June 27, 2011

to you

Happy two month birthday, little e!

We are having so much fun with you.  You love to scoot yourself across your changing pad.  It's your favorite place to be.  Just this past week you've been taking a two hour nap every morning.  It helps me feel better, but I have to admit, after about 30 minutes of your peaceful slumber, I start to miss you.

You're getting rather attached to us, too.  If we leave you for more than five minutes, you let us know that you feel neglected.  You coo until we come say hi, then you reward us with that enchanting smile of yours.  We'd do anything for one of your smiles.

You love your pacifier and between it and me, I'm guessing you get record-breaking suck time.  I love watching you eat.  Your chin is so sweet and you usually pose with a dainty pinkie in the air as if you're having tea with the queen of England.

You love your bath, sitting so well in your big girl tub.  You hate being cold and wet afterward.  We can't get you dressed fast enough.

When people see you they comment on how beautiful you are, how you look like your father, and how long and cute your hair is.  Not only do you look like your Dad, you take after him in other ways, too.  Tall and skinny, you are 22.5 inches long (58th percentile) and a whopping 8 lbs 12 oz (7th percentile).  But you do have your mom's nose.  And her tiny feet.

We love our dainty little angel.  We are so glad you came to our family.  You keep us laughing, dancing, and loving every moment!  We love you, e.


Mom and Dad

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  1. She IS gorgeous...but for the record, I think she looks more like you!