Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first college degree

It finally came! After 5 years at Brigham Young University-Idaho, I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Math Education. It was so fun to have my family there. And I might have cried a little bit.

I know this doesn't look like receiving my diploma, but it is... Sister Harmon is AMAZING!!! Mal and I made her cry.

Rachel Frongner and myself. Math pals.

Kaitlyn and I had matching necklaces.

My adorable husband, who graduated a year ago.

Sister Harmon, Me, Mallory (my bestie)

Tracy... one of my favorite history pals.

My best girl friend in the whole world, Mallory Hedlund. She got me through my math classes, and all of my other crisis :) I love you, Mal!

My cousin Caitlin, as well as my roommate for 4 years. Love you.

Post grad celebration...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Easter

Our first Easter together was so wonderful. We enjoyed conference crepes for breakfast. I hid eggs for Jeffree. He's dramatically looking for them...

I made Jeff little animal eggs. My sister emailed me the link and I thought it would be a fun way to spice up the basket. Inside each one, along with candy, was a note saying one attribute of our Savior he has developed.

For my first easter basket, I was pretty proud of my work :)

We are grateful for Jesus Christ, who lived, died, and lives again. May we always remember Him.

Our First Children

Jeff was advised to go to the Temple with his family and get a family picture.

For those of you who got to see our April Fool's joke, it was Alexis' ultrasound. That's right, if that was really ours, this would be our family Temple picture...

Lori Shirley, Alexis Johnson, Jeffree Shirley, and Nathan Johnson
(We can only hope our family will be this adorable.)

But we're not that far in the game. For now, it's Jeffree and I, just the two of us, loving our time together, and our sleep at night!

Of course, even without children, we sometimes don't get much sleep. Or maybe this is Jeffree with ample sleep. Here's how he looks after his morning prayer.

Here we are, trying to take a family pic of ourselves. Better luck next time, huh?!!

Our First Snuggie...

Happy Birthday Jeffree!!! On March 11, my gorgeous husband turned 26! I was sick for the whole week before, which left me scrambling to throw something together for him...

Jeffree's new discs had him diving and catching a disc with a star on it. That inspired the theme, "I reached for the stars, and I got you!"
Jeffree and I always joke about snuggies. So naturally, his students got him one for his birthday. We both laughed so hard. I had fun taking these pictures of Jeffree mocking the commercials.

And we confess, that we are actually quite fond of the thing.

My handsome man, after our Birthday Temple trip.
He loved his cake... Well, we both did, and ate way too much of it!
So, happy late birthday to my darling husband. One year older and hotter too! I love you!