Sunday, May 15, 2011

paint me in

Nothing like teacher appreciation week to bring a smile (and a few laughs) to teachers around the world. Here's a sampling of what Jeffree's students had to say about him. We've tried to be as accurate as possible on student's spelling, punctuation, etc. Enjoy!

Dear Mr. Shirley,

You have been a wonderful teacher. Congrations your baby, Amber. You have been the best teacher I have ever had. You are really funny and really nice and I love that.

Dear, M.r. Shirley,

You are the best teacher a student could have!!

P.S. Cute baby!


Mr. Shirly

your a grea teacher

Dear, Mr. Shirley you are the best teacher ever.You are the teacher I’ve been waiting for. You rock

Love this picture! I'm not sure why I'm 8 times the size of Jeffree or why little e looks like some species of monkey, but at least the student thought of us :)

And here's a shout out to teachers from Jon Stewart himself. Hilarious.

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