Thursday, June 9, 2011

i said i wasn't gonna lose my head

So I've noticed the recently popular "What I wore Wednesday" blog posts.  Trust me, though, you don't want to know what I wore Wednesday.  And you certainly don't want to see a photo of me actually wearing it.  Plus, if I did follow this interesting trend, you might start thinking, "Isn't that what she wore last Wednesday?"  (a quick view of older posts would confirm your suspicions.)  But what you wouldn't know is that it's also what I wore last Tuesday and quite possibly last Monday.  You might suspect that it's the only outfit I own (wrong) or the only outfit I can fit into (barely wrong) or you might think it can't even be classified as an outfit (that is where you are correct).

The moral of the story is the loRi version of "What I wore Wednesday" would either
a)  totally bore you
b)  totally gross you out
c)  inspire you to recommend me for an appearance on "What not to wear"
d)  all of the above

So here is what I wore Thursday... (chortle)


  1. You crack me up and that is why I love you. Welcome to the mom's the best club around (close second is the early morning geometry study group).

  2. This post makes me happy! I just gotta say you are doing pretty good. I don't even put on a shirt some days. Isn't it fun being a mom!