Thursday, June 23, 2011

you're the ultimate you

I never did blog about the summer games.  I'll blame it on Jeff since he uploaded the pics I took to his computer, then deleted them.  The following pictures are from facebook. 

A week and a half ago we drove to CC for the Utah Summer Games.  It was quite the adventure... diaper blowouts to rival all blowouts, feeding a hungry baby on the shoulder of the freeway, and plenty of wind to make for an interesting tournament.  All in all, however, it was a fun trip.  Little e enjoyed meeting a bunch of the family.

We love watching Jeffree participate in Ultimate.  He loves it more than anything (except for e and me), and he's super good at it.  Here he is with one of his best friends sporting their silver medals.

His besties were excited that he got to play with them.  It'll be nice when we move to CC (next week!!!) so he can play more often.

We're currently enjoying gorgeous summer weather.  There really isn't anything better than Rexburg in the summer. *sigh* 

Happy Thursday!

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