Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks, 2010!

It's been a fun year, full of new experiences and surprises. And so, in no particular order, here are our top ten of 2010.

*Graduating - Oh, what a feeling! It's so nice that Jeffree and I have both successfully completed school. Sure, there's more to come, but having Bachelor degrees is a nice little cushion in our lives.

*Temple - working at the Temple has been an amazing experience. We've learned so much and cherished our time there. We've met wonderful people and had beautiful experiences.

*Marriage - just being with Jeffree all the time is such a neat thing. We love always being together - laughing, crying, sleeping - whatever it is, it's just better with the most wonderful man in the world.

*Apartment - As much fun as living in a one bedroom was, it's been so nice to expand our belts and breath a little more easily with so much space. Saving money on rent wasn't a bad idea either. I'm still adjusting to no internet. :)

*Biking - okay, maybe I'm weird, but Jeffree and I had so much fun biking everywhere together while it was still warm.

*Best friends - I've had the opportunity to know so many wonderful people and form and enhance such beautiful friendships.

*Vacations - not necessarily traveling somewhere, but just having a break. I love waking up with Jeffree whenever we want to, making a scrumpcious breakfast and just being together with nothing else to do. 2010 saw a lot of that... summer, fall harvest, being snowed in for a week at Thanksgiving...

*Blogging - I love being inspired by others' blogs as well as having a place for my own thoughts. It's especially cute that Jeffree always wants to read my posts. So nice to know that he, and others, care about my thoughts.

*Baby Girl Shirley - we're so excited you're on your way, and we're certain you'll be in our top ten again next year.

*Jeffree - I know I already said marriage, but Jeffree and being married to Jeffree are indeed unique things. I love watching him with others. I am delighted when friends burst out laughing at his cute little ways. I'm enthralled with his goodness, not just to me, but in everyway. He is so dedicated to living a wonderful life. Every day I am elevated by his goodness. I love you, Jeffree Dean!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

And wild and sweet

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I hope everyone had the most wonderful Christmas. The Christmas eve nativity, a picture on the stairs, and breakfast after opening presents.

Being with Jeffree always makes it such a wonderful day. Listening to him play Christmas songs on the piano and guitar is one of my favorite things. Cuddling and watching Christmas movies, hot cocoa, peppermint ice cream... the list of favorite holiday past times could go on and on. We skyped with Jeffree's parents, who are serving in Florida, as well as with my sister Karin, who is serving in Kirtland, Ohio. I'm not quite ready to go back to Rexburg away from family. I'm looking forward to moving back to Utah and being closer to everyone.

Our sweet little girl got more Christmas presents than Jeffree and I. But she needs more than we do. Jeffree did feel her this past week, and he was so excited. He's already wrapped around her little finger.

I'm thankful for so many things! Mostly so grateful to have a wonderful family and to be wonderfully blessed with a warm apartment, an abundance of the necessities of life, and an enormous outpouring of love from those we hold dear.