Monday, June 20, 2011

because you love me like i am

There are several reasons I think my Dad is amazing.

*He's smart.  He was my math teacher three different years since 7th and he's taught me so much - not just about math but about everything.

*He's spiritual.  He knows so much about the gospel.  He lives it too.

*He's always there to serve others.  He always brought us to all the service projects.  Whether it was cleaning up along the highway or thinning peaches at the welfare farm, we were there alongside my Dad, following his example.

*He's so handsome.  I remember one of my best friend's mom telling me what a handsome, well-kept father I had.  I was only in 7th grade, so I probably thought it was weird, but I've since gained an appreciation for what a handsome Dad I have.  Look at that smile.

*He's so athletic.  He can play any sport and can coach any sport.  Even now he's still hitting homeruns in city league softball.  One time we played against a team that had made a sign that said "Stan is just a man... or is he?"  That just about sums it up.

*My Dad is the sweetest.  He always told his girls how much he loved us and how beautiful, sweet, spiritual, and smart we were.  I think because my Dad loved me so much, I never felt the need to have a steady boyfriend in high school.  I didn't need some teenage boy to tell me I was amazing, because my Dad made sure I already knew.

*My Dad loves my Mom so much.  That was never a question.  He made sure my Mom knew and he made sure we knew.

*He's the perfect gentleman.  Not only does he always open the door for my mom, he opens the door for every woman, whether his daughters or his students.  If there is a girl around, he will get the door for her.

*He gives the best hugs.  There are some problems that only a Dad hug will solve.  His hugs are just that good.

*The attribute I love the most about my Dad is that he sees the best in everyone.  He loves everybody and can see their potential.  I've never heard him talk bad about anyone.  Everyone is so great around him because he treats them like they are great.  He gives everyone permission to be their very best, because he believes they already are the very best.

*He's a great Grandpa and little e's favorite way to be held now is how Grandpa held her while he was here.

I love you, Dad.  Thanks for helping me become who I am today and for believing that I am so much more.




  1. You have the cutest Dad! I miss him (and Russell) being my home teachers. Very cute picture of Grandpa Stewart and little E :)

  2. your dad is great! thank heavens for dads.

  3. I love the pictures of dad in here! He is the best dad ever. :)