Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tummy love

i actually did my hair today, which inspired me to take some ridiculously awesome tummy shots. haha

24 weeks

this is the part where you leave a comment telling me how cute I look, all pregnant and stuff. wink wink

bring on the tummy love!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why I love my man

Yes, I still love him.  I've just been a little down and out with a dreadful cold.  Congestion headaches are the worst.  Which brings me to one thing I love about my man.

He is sooooo helpful.  Like, he helps with the dishes, not just every now and then, but every day.  And he scrubs toilets.  And helps with the laundry.  When I'm not feeling well, he whips up a great dinner.  He gives little e her bath at night.  He massages my feet.  He makes sure I always have what I need.  He is consistently working to ease my burdens and is always helping with the housework.

I'm sure some of that stems from him growing up in a spotlessly clean home, so that's how he likes things.  But it's also just cuz he's sweet and thoughtful and wants to do whatever he can to help me out.  Even though he works full time and is taking a full load of classes, he still manages to make my life easier by cleaning here and there.  Every day.  Very attractive. 

Friday, March 1, 2013


The following conversation actually took place.  And I want to remember it. 

little e: Hold me, Mommy.  Hold me.

me:  I'll hold you in a minute.

little e:  Hold me, Mommy. 

me:  You mean I have to be your mom and I have to hold you?

little e: mmm hmmm!

me:  How much money do I get?

little e:  Kisses kisses! (pronounced kee-ses)

I'm not sure where she learned that kisses double as currency, but I accepted the kisses and held my girl.  What a cutie pants.

She is in the cutest stage of life right now.  Old enough to hold my hand, give me kisses, and tell me she loves me (okay, most of the time she tells me she loves her daddy).  She melts my heart over and over and over again and I can't get enough of how sweet and snuggly she is.
I love you, little e.  I hope you always know that. 

happy march

some people don't like march.  that's fine.  but i think it's a wonderful month.  especially since it's the month that brought my man into the world.

yep, mr. shirley is about to turn ancient!  and i'll be getting all mushy about how much i love him.  

in no particular order, i present to you the love series, "why i love my man."

let's get started. 

reason number 1:  he doesn't play video games.  i'm serious, ladies and gentleman.  i think it's so hot that he doesn't play video games.  of course, when we go visit family, he'll join in on the friendly competition (and he's usually awful).  but it's not a habit of his to play regularly.  and it turns me on.  i tell him all the time, too.  that's how i hit on him. 

here he is, not playing video games:

and again, not playing video games:

and one more time

see what i mean?  love it.  love him.  for reals.