Friday, March 1, 2013

happy march

some people don't like march.  that's fine.  but i think it's a wonderful month.  especially since it's the month that brought my man into the world.

yep, mr. shirley is about to turn ancient!  and i'll be getting all mushy about how much i love him.  

in no particular order, i present to you the love series, "why i love my man."

let's get started. 

reason number 1:  he doesn't play video games.  i'm serious, ladies and gentleman.  i think it's so hot that he doesn't play video games.  of course, when we go visit family, he'll join in on the friendly competition (and he's usually awful).  but it's not a habit of his to play regularly.  and it turns me on.  i tell him all the time, too.  that's how i hit on him. 

here he is, not playing video games:

and again, not playing video games:

and one more time

see what i mean?  love it.  love him.  for reals.

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