Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my life

got out of bed to kiss the hubs goodbye.

noticed it was snowing outside.  mentally canceled our walk today.

ate breakfast.  never thought i'd say this, but i'm a little bored with eating lately.  why am i so hungry?

put together a puzzle with little e.  she loves puzzles.  i love hearing her say, "goes here" when she's holding a piece in her hand.

started a load of laundry.  which is a pretty big deal around here.

set up the card table in our mess room, which will serve as my sewing table.  hoping we can change it from a mess room to a craft room.

changed little e's poopy and got her dressed.  she even let me do her hair.

read some books with little e.

made some calls to get ready for new beginnings tonight.  be glad when it's over.  i'm not a fan of big activities that require so much planning.  and i'm not even in charge.

made oobleck with e girl.  after getting over the fact that her hands were going to be messy, she loved it.

had lunch.

ichat with the hubs.  yes, we do that every day.  he's cute like that.

thinking i'll go take a nap.  then a shower.  probably ought to do it the other way around, but i won't.

life is beautiful, don't you think?

happy tuesday :)


  1. love it lori. sounds like a fantastically productive day to me.

    1. Oh dear. After my nap, I watched the biggest loser, skipped yw because I was so sick, and sat on my but surfing the internet while Jeffree made dinner, cleaned up dinner, and did everything else. Then that night I cried like a baby at how much I hate being pregnant and sick. Good thing I posted this when I was still in a pretty good mood. :) We need to talk again soon.