Monday, March 19, 2012

when you love someone

There are a few things that our little e loves.  These are the things that never fail.  One of them is looking at herself.  Not in the mirror, but in pictures.  She gets so excited and bounces up and down with enthusiasm.  It is pretty adorable to watch. 

Her other favorite thing is to be with her Dad.  She gets so excited when he comes home, so excited when he holds her.  Just this morning she crawled into the hall where he comes home from work and looked for him, then put her head down and started crying.

She is Daddy’s little girl through and through.  Although she is starting to love me just a little bit.

Happy Monday!


  1. ahhh I just can't get enough of that little face!!!

  2. She is so cute!!!! What a cute story. :)

  3. She is so cute! Sophie is a daddy's girl too,