Tuesday, March 27, 2012

like, whoa

I usually don't solicit comments, but work with me on this one.

I got a new calling in my ward and I would love your ideas.

It all started when my cedar city bestie, Brittany Kroff, moved away.  She was our RS president and I was 2nd counselor.  I knew I was getting released, so my feathers were a bit ruffled when I was asked to meet with the Bishop.  But I figured it would be nbd.

I was stunned when he said the words,

Young Women President

Yep.  You read that right.  I haven't been in Young Women since, well, I was a Young Woman.  Wowzers.

After letting it soak in for a few days, I realized how excited I am.  I loved my Young Women leaders and we have way fun girls in our ward.

So here's your job.  Leave a comment telling me about all your favorite activities.  The most fun, the most spiritual, the activities were you learned the most.  I'm all ears.  What did you love about Young Women?  Bring it on.


  1. We did a modest fashion show. And then the leaders fashioned immodest but instead of wearing immodest clothes they strutted a plunge around their neck for a plunging neck line, or speghetti on their shoulders for speghetti straps.

    You'll be an excellent YW leader have fun at girls camp

  2. Congrats!!! I am in Young Womens too! It's the most fun ever. Our YW president is one of the most amazing women I've ever met because she makes such an effort to know each girl and what they are involved in, about their families, classes, etc. I would recommend first thing learning each girls' name and something about them so that pretty early you can address them individually every week and make them feel special. Also, don't let them get away with silly things like whispering during lessons or missing activities. They'll have more respect for you (I am just going off of what I see our President doing that seems to work so well). Good luck! You will be fantastic and the girls will love you!

  3. Man I wish you were my young women's president, then maybe I would have actually gone! You will have a great impact on those girls!! Congrats & good luck.

  4. I absolutely loved being a young women's leader and if I could get that calling back I would love to! I wasn't in it for very long before I moved but we went mountain biking for a physical fitness activity, and we had a P party for Personal Progress, we ate pizza, wore pink, purple or polka dots, etc, anything p. My very very favorite activity was our humanitarian project. We decorated boxes for donations and put them around the church and announced it in sacrament and had them reiterate it in classes that we needed certain things donated. Then we put care packages together. We also did a few quilts to donate as well. Then we took a trip to the humanitarian center and took a tour and delivered our goods. It was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences. I don't think you can get a whole lot closer to the Lord then by serving others. It was crazy to see the living situations of people. Bringing home newborn babies in newspaper because they didn't have clothes or blankets to put them in. It was really humbling. You'll do so good!

  5. When I was a young woman we did a 14 day walk with Christ and that was an amazing experience. So, when I was a leader, we had an activity putting the booklet together for the girls to do. It was pretty amazing with helping the spiritual side of things.

    When I was a leader we did craft nights every other month. Cheap but easy things like magnets, book marks, photo holders, name blocks (the name blocks were set with their projects at the end of the year), cake decorating, etc.

    We did a p party a few times. - wear anything that starts with the letter P (pink or purple pjs) also we did pedicures, ate pizza, and had pie or peanut butter desserts. The girls always thought it was lots of fun.

    In my sister's ward when she was the yw pres for the night of Excelence she did "Look what the young women cooked up this year" we made them all aprons to wear and they tied everything in to baking and cooking- way cute idea.

    I'm sure you'll be great! Good luck

  6. We did a remember your "PJ's" activity, to talk about Prayer Journal and Scriptures before bed, modest fashion, etiquette dinner, clothes swap, one of my teachers let us color in pictures on hand outs while we listened to lessons, One activity I really liked and remember was we wrote down things we thought negatively about ourselves, and then the purpose next to us wrote down positive things about us, something on self-worth. Lot's of "heart attacks" for new girls or less active. Have so much fun!

  7. Hey Friend! I was looking for my phone to call you and couldn't find it so I gave up and checked out your blog, I'm glad I did. Hopefully I'll follow up on my new (as in right just now) goal of keepin up on the bloggin life. ANYWAY...... I had three different sets of presidencies during my Young Women years. They were such different experiences from each group of leaders. The simple 3 word suggestion is LOVE EACH GIRL! I had that with my first and last, and no matter the lesson or activity I felt like they were there because they cared about me and wanted to help me however they could, so even if the activities/lessons felt repetative (which they will be no matter what you do, for those girls who have been going every week - twice a week - for years) I still wanted to be there, because there I found someone other than my parents who were my cheering squad, support, and helped me feel the love my Heavenly Father had for me on a very real and individual level. On the other hand the middle president/presidency were so stressed about their calling and very vocal about it even to us as the YW that all I felt like was a burden so I dreaded going, but I went and I had to support them instead of the other way around. One of my favorite sunday lessons happened once a year. The Christmas lesson. They set the mood of peace and reverance by decorating the room with white lights, white table cloths, nativities, etc. We sat on the floor together as each member of the presidency shared a christmas story and shared their testimony of Christ. I looked forward to that lesson every year. Well, good luck. I'll pray for you, if you'll pray for each of your girls :) I'm thinking of you and missing you always (even this morning as I was folding socks and remembered you stopping by to say hello and helped me fold sock back in Rexburg...Silly memory but a fond one) Love you! and so will those Young Women!

  8. Sooo...I guess first of all- welcome to my life!!!! I've been YW president since September when my baby was just over 2 months! It is a great blessing and HUGE learning experience! Best activities we've had so far... (remember it's winter here! lol)Faith factor- look it up online haha, making skirts,and snowshoeing! Good resource for activity ideas is sugardoodle.net- awesome awesome sight- have fun!

  9. You're going to be awesome becuase you really know how to make people feel loved and I think that is really what makes the difference in YW leaders. I LOVED YM and am so thankful for those leaders that just took the time to be there and to act like I wasn't stupid or that that the things I thought were such a big deal back then weren't stupid even though they were pretty silly. I loved all outdoor activities where we would just play games or eat and have a simple thought. I loved hearing stories during lessons or seeing object lessons - I think they really work for that age. You are going to be the best!