Friday, May 20, 2011

i'm gonna sit right down

dear jeffree,

Last night was your 3rd grade "year in review." e and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is so fun to see your little 3rd graders and how they've grown because of your dedication, hard work, and love. It's cute to see the way they adore you and how much they want to be like you.

As I watched you lead the songs, not only did I think about what a good-looking profile you have, I thought about what an amazing man you are. Most would shy away from teaching, even if that's what they loved, because it doesn't pay enough or whatever other reasons. But you give it your all. You have so much talent and drive and because of that, your students thrive. You are determined to succeed no matter what. I hope you know I support you in that.

You go above and beyond in everything you do, which is one thing I love about you. I hope I can be more like you someday.

We love you, Mr. Shirley (and Daddy).


loRi and ember belle

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