Sunday, March 27, 2011

with your hands in your pockets

I have a lot of thoughts swirling around. And in a need to release some of them onto the blogging world, I have chosen the most shallow of all my thoughts: My love for over-sized sweatshirts.

I wore one almost every day during the winter in high school. I felt so cozy and so skinny in something that was clearly a few sizes too big. One summer when I was home working, after my boyfriend broke up with me, one of the sisters in my ward told me to go buy a new sweater and cuddle with it – sweaters are much more faithful. I took her advice to heart. :)

So the other day, while Jeffree was out and I was tidying the apartment, I felt the need to don an over-sized sweatshirt. As life would have it, an over-sized sweatshirt is hard to come by when you’re 8 months pregnant. I put on one of Jeffree’s sweaters, which couldn’t even be classified as huge on me. The sleeves were too long, though, which did bring somewhat of the feeling I was hoping for. No, I didn’t feel skinny. And it certainly wasn’t the coziest of sweaters. But it was slightly too big for me, so I basked in the experience.

Happy Sunday, friends.

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