Saturday, March 19, 2011

meet me in the pouring rain

Jeffree and I had a little fun for our Family Home Evening activity the other night. Include a treat and it makes a silly little date night.

Writing poetry was the main event, but here's the catch: Each of us chose 4 words that the other person had to use in their poem, and the poem would be 8 lines long. You can change the amount of words or lines, depending on your style.

It was pretty hilarious. I thought I chose pretty good words for Jeffree. He had to include giggle, crust, ice, and eyes. He wasn't so nice to me. How many poems have you ever stumbled across that use even one, let alone all four of these words: meridian, plump, orbit, and indentured. Indentured? Really.

I'll spare you from having to read the poems. Just rest assured that I did a pretty good job with what I was given to work with.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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