Friday, February 25, 2011

let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon

Imagine that you are a big balloon. Someone is filling you with air. At first it's no big deal, you just feel and look a little bigger. But soon you are feeling so stretched out that it hurts. Like a lot.

That would be me. My belly is sore almost all the time. When I see myself, sometimes I wonder why more people don't rub my belly for good luck.

She's due in 7 weeks. April 20th. I hope she doesn't come that soon, though. I have it in my romantic heart that she'll come April 24th. That's the day Jeffree and I got engaged 2 years ago. It's also Easter Sunday. I like the idea of having a little Easter bunny to bring home.

She likes to wiggle and listen to her Daddy sing her lullabies. She isn't comfortable at night and no matter what position I'm in, she'll push against the bed. She's already wearing out her mother and giving her headaches. But I suppose when I finally see how cute she is, I won't even remember the headaches. We're excited to see our little girl.


  1. The only thing better than seeing that cute belly, would be to see the cute face that comes with it. :) Lookin' good! Does it always feel like there's no way it could stretch any more, and then it does anyway? Love you little sis!

  2. I hate that feeling... almost like you can't breath out enough or you just can't relax your belly. But it is all worth it in the end!!
    I'm excited for you to meet the sweet little girl giving you headaches and making you uncomfortable. Being a mom is amazing!!

  3. only 7 weeks!!! how crazy! its going to go by so fast! you look adorable!

  4. your belly is so cute!! I am excited for you two :)

  5. Hooray only a little while longer! Unfortunately she'll keep growing and she'll have even less room in there! :) It's so worth it to feel her though! I can't wait to see her!

  6. Lori, just found your blog through Portia's.. You look so cute and that is so fun that you're pregnant! I'm due June 4th and am starting to feel this way too. I'm excited that you are so close!