Monday, February 7, 2011

i'd never known it could be such fun

The following story should either make you smile, laugh, or roll your eyes.

For whatever reason, I ended up at work one day without a lunch (yay for school lunch :P). I handed my money to the lunch lady and she looked at me funny. I had checked with my students about the cost, so I wasn't sure what was concerning her.

I asked, "Isn't that how much it costs?"

"Are you a student or an adult?"

awkward confused pause ... "What?"

"Are you a student or an adult?"

Really? Are you really asking a 24-year-old pregnant woman if she's a student or an adult? How many pregnant high school students in Rexburg, Idaho do you know of?

I was so caught off guard. A student? Really? Wow.

Thinking about it now, I confess I'm still a little baffled.


  1. ha ha this made me giggle a little bit. Please post more belly pictures with your beautiful face attached. I miss you.

  2. Haha!! That is so funny!! Everytime I sub there, I'm convinced that nobody takes me seriously & they all think I'm a student. :/

  3. As for me, I laughed :) I bet you are so cute pregnant! Haha silly lunch lady

  4. that is too funny. :) Some people just don't use their heads. :)