Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Summer...

Sand dunes: The plan was to roast hotdogs over our fire. We had a little more trouble than we anticipated. It took us about 20 minutes to warm up the first ones. But they were delicious.

Meet the McMurry's. If I blogged about them every time we did something with them, well, I'd blog about them daily. I'm serious.

We thought if we started a fire without wood, we might be able to roast our marshmallows faster.

Kissing while the sunsets. I love summer!


  1. I just gotta say.... that is a very awkward picture of me. It's almost like I'm ambiguously pregnant. In case anyone wonders, I am. But I liked this day too. Most summery thing of my summer! Besides just being hot all the time.

  2. DId the McMurry's take those pictures?? That's sooo cute!!! That's fun! Have you found out of the classes you're teaching. Oh and Jamie.... I understand.

  3. weird Jeff I have a shirt just like that one, where did you get it?

    Dave Kartchner (Co-commissioner of several esteemed commitees)

  4. The kissing picture reminds me of when Jeff and Charles made the music video and they are singing together with the sunset in the background. For some reason it was really funny to me. And... I'm sure you're wondering who this crazy guy on your blog is.... Hi. I'm Job Jones.