Friday, July 9, 2010


Didn't know what to make for my BFF's baby shower... So, after being inspired by lil boo blue, I decided to "upcycle." An old pair of pjs, an old t-shirt, and some patriotic material turned into some cute little onesies. Yes, I am quite proud of my little creations.

Since I don't have a sewing machine yet, I did a little hand stitching. Is it normal to have abnormal growths on ones hands after hand stitching for two days?

This one was the last one to be finished and I may or may not have been "sew" tired of sewing by then that I may or may not have sewn the onesie to itself.

By far my favorite. Inspired by Jeffree's best friend Dave, who has the American Flag on everything he creates.

Now can we have a baby to make more cute little onesies?!!

I hope our little Mr. McMurry enjoys his stylish new clothes. And Jeffree hopes he's chubby :)


  1. these are adorable! haha im very impressed that you did this without a sewing machine!! you are always welcome to use mine! - and i mean that!

  2. So cute, Lori! I was even more impressed you didn't use a sewing machine. Way to go!! They look great!

  3. America matches with everything. Because it's the best!

  4. Aw, so cute! Way to go! I love that last one a lot too.