Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One and only

After making some date night popcorn in our date night popcorn bowl,

Jeffree and I walked to the theatre in some gorgeous, refreshing spring weather.

We had to smuggle in the goods. Cheap theatre + Our own movie snacks = so fun and so cheap :)

We enjoyed Letters to Juliet. Sometimes predictable, sometimes refreshing.

But mostly, I enjoy being with my one and only. Sometimes predictable, always refreshing.


  1. You totally should have gone with them! We could have met for a romantic candlelit dinner under the Eiffel Tower ;)

  2. Honestly...you guys have to be the cutest couple I've ever met!

  3. That looks like soo much fun, I always sneak stuff into the movie theater at first Jim didn't like it and now he asks me to hide everything in my purse..I have a gf you snuck in panda express..yum