Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our first escape to a fantastical world...

Come with us now and experience the fantastic world of Shirlibithia. The legend dates all the way back to September 19, 2009. As legend has it the only way to this new world is to set up a magic tent inside your apartment. So that is exactly what we did in our "Camp to Shirlibithia." We came out of the tent to find a whole new imaginary world with surroundings similar to Rexburg... actually, very similar. We traveled through this whole new world and found some secret artifacts. Shortly thereafter we viewed Bridge to Terabithia on the "magic stone" we found. The "thia" (popcorn to Earthlings) was delicious. We camped there overnight and woke up to our apartment and sore backs. It was neat as a pickle.

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