Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our first Halloween

While we aren't the biggest fans of Halloween, we thought we would milk it for what it was worth. Saturday was our temple day, so we wore black and orange church clothes.

For lunch we went with the theme and tried to make our dinner as black and orange as possible...

Next stop, the ward activity. Lori went as Miley Cyrus and Jeff went as Billy Ray Cyrus. We couldn't find a mullet wig, so no one really understood. Lori had to be careful not to kiss Jeff, not only because he was supposedly her pa, but also because when she kissed him, it smudged his flavor saver/soul patch.

The activity lasted 4 hours for us, because we are the new ward activities chairmen. We got to set up and then clean up. But the activity was a success and we're enjoying "our first calling."

Tune in for next time's post... "our first 'Snowed in? No problem!' theme date."

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