Tuesday, November 19, 2013


You know those days when no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to go right?  those days when you're too tired to even really try.  those days when you're children are in tears and you're in tears and all you need is ten minutes to yourself so you can gather the strength to make it for a bit.  those days when you want to scream at your husband for no reason (or even a good reason - it doesn't really matter).  those days when showering isn't even on your radar and the house is a disaster and the thought of doing anything is just depressing.  when all you want is to crawl in bed, pull up the covers, eat your weight's worth of ice cream, and have everyone leave you alone.   

the only thing worse than a day like that is four days in a row.  yep. 

here's the thing.  I love my children and my husband and almost every day I crawl into bed and think how wonderful my life is.  because it really is.  but I didn't think that yesterday.  or the day before that.  or the day before that. 

here's to a better tomorrow  :)


  1. Lori,
    I love you. I hope you know that. And I think you are wonderful. Talk to you soon!

  2. Boo! I hate those days. I hope today has been better and that tomorrow will be even better than today. It is rainy and gloomy here and I have let Nixon watch way too many cartoons and I'm still in my PJs :/

  3. I hear ya! I'm sorry! Those are the worst days. I hope you have a great day tomorrow and just do nothing but hang out at home. :)

  4. Wishing you better days to come! :)

  5. Those days are so hard :( I posted a similar post here http://www.aweekofsundays.com/2012/07/feeling-rough.html

    Another thing that helps me is when I get in a funk, I start making a list of 3-4 things that I want to accomplish the next day. I write them down and tape them up. Just simple things that are totally possible to get done without feeling like I took on too much (ie. read 3 books with Olivia, do a load of laundry start to finish, read a chapter of my book). Checking my things off my list makes me feel like I was productive that day and helps me feel a little accomplished even when I haven't put makeup on in days or am mad at everyone ;)