Thursday, June 6, 2013


 Early morning snuggles.  She always chooses daddy to cuddle with in the morning.

She only wears skirts these days.  

Getting kisses from daddy while she helps him grind the wheat to make bread.

Working on the piles of sorted hand me downs that need to be washed before baby brother gets here.  This is my family room... not my laundry room.

Sidewalk chalk before it gets to warm to play outside.

The six feet in our little family.  With a blurry belly in the way to prove that two more feet will be joining us soon.

 Walking around the neighborhood in order to complete one of Jeffree's school assignments.

Stopping to say hi to our favorite neighbor.

Hours later, after naps and baking bread.  Waiting for a client at our photo shoot destination.

Playing frisbee with daddy while we wait.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. love the photos... They tell a fun story of your day!