Thursday, November 8, 2012

our sweet girl

I'm sitting here watching little e twirl and dance as one of her little toys sings songs.  (There's a reason she's so skinny, all the working out she does.)  Becoming a mom was the hardest adjustment of my life.  But as I sit here and watch my girl, I have to say that nothing else in the world brings me as much pure joy as she does.  She lights up mine and Jeffree's world.  She is so funny and silly and cute and sweet.  Not to mention ridiculously adorable.  She loves her Daddy (but I'm her favorite) and she's finally all cuddly.  She cries when Dad goes to work, she always wants to play outside, and she asks us to tickle her.  She could read or dance all day long and she usually does. 

I love my sweet girl.  Thank you, little e, for bringing so many beautiful moments to our family.  Love you forever.


  1. These are great photos Lori! Your little girl is really cute too!

  2. Such a cute little girl...I have no experience with little girls...and it looks like I still won't with baby #2 but these sweet little spirits do teach you some of life's greatest lessons. They make some of life's hard moments harder, but make all the sweet moments sweeter than you could ever imagine and it's so worth every tantrum, food fight, and destroyed outfit...maybe those are just boy things but oh well. Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures! You have such a sweet little girl!