Friday, January 20, 2012

i can see it now

dear world,

tomorrow i am running a half marathon.  i've trained for 12 weeks, ran over 150 miles, and it all comes down to tomorrow morning... and into the afternoon.

it's been such a cool experience to work up to this.  i remember looking at the training schedule and thinking, wow!  in a few weeks 3 miles will feel like a short, easy run.  sure enough.  and i feel so cool.  like, way cool.  and i've a feeling i'll feel even cooler tomorrow.

it's been exhausting, especially because i contracted the epstein-barr virus (just found out yesterday what it was for sure).  i've been struggling with fatigue and knowing now what the cause is, i feel awesome that i didn't give up on my goal, even though it was harder than if it had been normal circumstances.

i am so grateful for a healthy body that allows me to discover and reach great potential.  i am grateful for a sweet husband who made my training his number one priority these past few months.  i'm grateful for little e, even though she laughs when she watches me run.  i'm grateful for karin, who has trained with me and will be running alongside me tomorrow.  and a shout out to sarah, becca, brittany, and rebecca who have also trained with me.  a special thanks to family who made their restrooms readily available to me on my long runs :)

i'm so excited to see jeff and e waiting for me at the finish line.  and i'm so excited to finish.

here's to tomorrow!

love, me


  1. good luck! i'm so excited to hear the outcome!

  2. How impressive! Especially being sick! Be sure to post about the race :) Did you come up with your own training schedule?