Tuesday, December 6, 2011

each life that touches ours for good

Dear Grandma,

We will miss you.  Remember when we were so little and you gave us pajamas for Christmas every year?

Remember when we would visit you in Logan?  You would be sleeping on the floor in the basement with us and say, "Let's see who can fall asleep the fastest."  All of us would be really quiet.  It only took a minute or two until we heard the snores that let us know you were fast asleep.  Then we would giggle and play as late as we could.

Remember when you made chili for dinner?  We were in the middle of the meal when you realized you had lost your band aid while fixing dinner.  We thought we might be sick.

Remember how you always sent a birthday card to us each year?  I always looked forward to hearing from you.

You served a mission in New Zealand when you were older and sent us the most beautiful gifts.  Whenever you traveled, you always thought of us and brought us something special.

Eight years ago, you suffered a massive stroke.  It took some of you with it, but you have always been a tough woman, so it didn't take you away completely.

Just a few months ago, you came to live with my parents.  I thought what a burden it would be on the entire family.  But now, I can see that it was a blessing.  We got to share in your last few months of life.  Ember got to see you almost every day.  She loved your voice and your attention.  We all did.

We will miss you very much.  We know you are in a beautiful place with your parents, your twin brother, and your friends.  We know we'll get to see you again and we look forward to that beautiful reunion.

With love, your family


  1. Lori - I'm sorry for you loss, but it's such a blessing to have the knowledge of eternal families and the plan of salvation.

    Love you

  2. Love this. Thanks Lori for writing down your memories. Missed being there with you!

  3. This is beautiful Lori! Even though it's hard now, what a great reunion in the end.