Saturday, November 26, 2011

a sleigh ride together

Over at My Sister's Suitcase they are having a linky party and since I have a pretty good chance of winning, I am blogging about my favorite Christmas tradition.

Every year, on Christmas Eve, we get new pajamas.  This was always my favorite Christmas tradition.  We had to take a bath, then we'd open them after we got out.  I love the way new pajamas feel.  I always looked forward to our pajamas.

I remember the very first year of this family tradition.  My pajamas were pink with a little sheep on the sweater.  I hung on to them for years, even when I had long grown out of them.

Even now I am exciting to think about opening new pajamas, drinking hot cocoa, and singing Christmas songs with my family.

And just imagine Ember snuggled up in some adorable holiday getup.

So sweet, no?

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  1. Thanks for linking up Lori!! We have the same tradition, and I love it. For some reason, we have only done it for our kids... this year, I think I am adding myself to the tradition so I can have some new comfy jammies too :)