Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm not gonna break

Why is starting over so difficult?  

A wiser man than me taught, "All growth takes place outside of our comfort zone."  And I am certainly well outside my comfort zone.  But I don't know how much I'm really growing.

Perhaps I need to be patient with myself.  After all, these things take time.  I just feel like I'm starting over in every aspect of my life.  A new town.  A new ward.  A new house.  A new (old) body.  A new attempt at exercise.  A new little baby.  A new budget.  A new job.  Trying to make new friends.  And I'm not feeling as successful as I hoped I'd be.

I'm not trying to complain.  Most of the changes are for the best.  But it doesn't make them easier.

Here's to doing better than I have been, as I strive to find balance in my new life.  Here's to learning things all over again as our lives change.  And here's to growing amidst it all.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Mrs. Shirley!!! I may know how you feel. But you my dear are one of the most incredible people I know.

    ps, we're going to be down your way Oct 14-16 not sure on details but would love to see you, your baby, and new house. We'll be in touch!

    Love you!