Tuesday, April 19, 2011

so good to be by your side

Now that he's home, I'm glad it happened this way.

Jeffree left on Sunday for the long drive down to Southern Utah. I cried. A lot. It's awful to be without him, but being 9 months pregnant certainly added to the dismay I felt as I watched him drive away.

Monday afternoon and this morning he interviewed with several principals. On the drive home, he got two job offers. He accepted a third grade position at a great school. We are so thrilled!

We've been wanting to move to Utah for a while now. Warmer. Close to family. Warmer. Warmer. Warmer...

We feel so blessed that we have this opportunity. It's so nice to know where we'll be this coming year (and hopefully for years to come).

And it's really nice to have him home with me.

Now all we need is a baby...

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  1. Yay for job offers! I am so happy for you guys!