Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks, 2010!

It's been a fun year, full of new experiences and surprises. And so, in no particular order, here are our top ten of 2010.

*Graduating - Oh, what a feeling! It's so nice that Jeffree and I have both successfully completed school. Sure, there's more to come, but having Bachelor degrees is a nice little cushion in our lives.

*Temple - working at the Temple has been an amazing experience. We've learned so much and cherished our time there. We've met wonderful people and had beautiful experiences.

*Marriage - just being with Jeffree all the time is such a neat thing. We love always being together - laughing, crying, sleeping - whatever it is, it's just better with the most wonderful man in the world.

*Apartment - As much fun as living in a one bedroom was, it's been so nice to expand our belts and breath a little more easily with so much space. Saving money on rent wasn't a bad idea either. I'm still adjusting to no internet. :)

*Biking - okay, maybe I'm weird, but Jeffree and I had so much fun biking everywhere together while it was still warm.

*Best friends - I've had the opportunity to know so many wonderful people and form and enhance such beautiful friendships.

*Vacations - not necessarily traveling somewhere, but just having a break. I love waking up with Jeffree whenever we want to, making a scrumpcious breakfast and just being together with nothing else to do. 2010 saw a lot of that... summer, fall harvest, being snowed in for a week at Thanksgiving...

*Blogging - I love being inspired by others' blogs as well as having a place for my own thoughts. It's especially cute that Jeffree always wants to read my posts. So nice to know that he, and others, care about my thoughts.

*Baby Girl Shirley - we're so excited you're on your way, and we're certain you'll be in our top ten again next year.

*Jeffree - I know I already said marriage, but Jeffree and being married to Jeffree are indeed unique things. I love watching him with others. I am delighted when friends burst out laughing at his cute little ways. I'm enthralled with his goodness, not just to me, but in everyway. He is so dedicated to living a wonderful life. Every day I am elevated by his goodness. I love you, Jeffree Dean!

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