Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Snuggie...

Happy Birthday Jeffree!!! On March 11, my gorgeous husband turned 26! I was sick for the whole week before, which left me scrambling to throw something together for him...

Jeffree's new discs had him diving and catching a disc with a star on it. That inspired the theme, "I reached for the stars, and I got you!"
Jeffree and I always joke about snuggies. So naturally, his students got him one for his birthday. We both laughed so hard. I had fun taking these pictures of Jeffree mocking the commercials.

And we confess, that we are actually quite fond of the thing.

My handsome man, after our Birthday Temple trip.
He loved his cake... Well, we both did, and ate way too much of it!
So, happy late birthday to my darling husband. One year older and hotter too! I love you!

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