Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Children

Jeff was advised to go to the Temple with his family and get a family picture.

For those of you who got to see our April Fool's joke, it was Alexis' ultrasound. That's right, if that was really ours, this would be our family Temple picture...

Lori Shirley, Alexis Johnson, Jeffree Shirley, and Nathan Johnson
(We can only hope our family will be this adorable.)

But we're not that far in the game. For now, it's Jeffree and I, just the two of us, loving our time together, and our sleep at night!

Of course, even without children, we sometimes don't get much sleep. Or maybe this is Jeffree with ample sleep. Here's how he looks after his morning prayer.

Here we are, trying to take a family pic of ourselves. Better luck next time, huh?!!

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