Tuesday, April 24, 2012

your little hand's wrapped around my finger

Someone knocked on my door trying to sell something.  She asked me what my career was and I told her I was a mother.  Her response was, "Oh, a domestic house goddess."

You know what?  I think I prefer mother.  I don't feel the need to create a title that makes me sound like some sort of glorified supernatural house keeper.  That's not what I am.  I am a Mother.  Ezra Taft Benson said, "No more sacred word exists in secular or holy writ than that of mother."  If that's not good enough for me, I don't know what is.  There's really no need to attach other symbols or acronyms of accomplishment to our title.  While my accomplishments and education are certainly part of who I am and will help me be a better mother, they are not as important as being a mother.

There are many other roles and positions that we as women fill.  Some of us work to make ends meet.  Some of us hold leadership positions in the church or our community.  Many of these are necessary, good, and important.  But ultimately, our greatest work is that of a wife and mother.

"Motherhood is the greatest potential influence either for good or ill in human life. The mother's image is the first that stamps itself on the unwritten page of the young child's mind. It is her caress that first awakens a sense of security, her kiss, the first realization of affection; her sympathy and tenderness, the first assurance that there is love in the world.

"She who can paint a masterpiece or write a book that will influence millions deserves the admiration and the plaudits of mankind; but she who rears successfully a family of healthy, beautiful sons and daughters, whose influence will be felt through generations to come, . . . deserves the highest honor that man can give, and the choicest blessings of God."    
-President David O McKay

There is nothing more beautiful or divine.  I am grateful to be a mother.