Friday, July 22, 2011

i'm standing here with no umbrella

Jeffree, after reading my blog post said, “Food storage is a commandment.”

Me:  Yes, and we don’t have a 3-month supply of m&ms. 

Jeff:  We don’t have a 3-month supply of water bottles either.

Me:  Water comes out of the tap.

Jeff:  What if the tap runs out of water?

Me:  We’ll fill it up with m&ms.

Jeff:  Do m&ms have water in them?

Me:  Probably…

I’m not sure if that was convincing enough for him.  I’ll keep working on him, though.  I'm guessing if it rained in m&ms, Jeffree would be more convinced at how vital they are.  So as long as it keeps raining water, I might be without m&ms.

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