Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our First Camping Trip

After working on Jeff's classroom for a couple weeks, we decided it was time for a break. So we headed toward Yellowstone for our first camp out. We camped about 1 mile south of Yellowstone's Cave Falls. Our campsite was about 30 feet from a gorgeous river, which hummed to us all night.
Our tent was a 2-man, but it felt like a 2-infant. We were so cramped all night and in the morning we tried to get some sleep in the car, which wasn't much bigger, but was a lot softer.

Jeff brought his guitar and we sang by the fire, roasted starbursts, and listened to the sounds of nature (or rather, listened for approaching bears).

The next day, we waterfell for each other. We hiked Cave Falls, and it was absolutely beautiful!  Well worth the drive and the miserable night.  Almost worth the mosquito bites.

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  1. Ha! I like your story. Makes us want to go camping. (Matt is here with me reading along.)